I drive a fork lift and do a lot of physical activity like lifting and dragging heavy, oversized boxes around. When I was a young guy, I could do the physical work pretty easily with no problems. But as I’ve grown older, I find that I’m feeling a lot of pain lately in my back. One day last week it got so bad that I just laid in my bed and moaned. I had seen a Hitachi wand massager for sale a couple of months earlier, and I was thinking that I should try one to see if it would give me some much needed relief from the pain.

I could not remember where I had seen one for sale. So, I got online and looked around a bit. I wanted to learn what others had to say about it, so I made sure to check around a bit before ordering anything. I read a lot of positive info from customers who said they were desperate as well. Next, I did a decent amount of comparison shopping to make sure I was getting a good deal. One site that I found was having a 40 percent off sale on the massager, and no one else had it for any cheaper, so I jumped on that quickly. I always try to save some extra cash where I can.

I got my order rather quickly. Getting it ready to use was quick and nothing major was needed to use it right out of the box. It is long enough that I could reach behind my shoulders with it and get to a large portion of my back. The areas where I could not reach, I simply asked my wife to help me out. After about 3 days of use, my back felt just as good as it did before my trouble started in the first place.