I just got to Singapore this morning and I am staying at a nice hotel for the moment. I am probably going to be here for at least a couple of years, so I have to find a place to live and I have a couple of appointments to look at some places that have a new condo in Singapore. The truth is that this is a vertical city and that is because there is a very limited supply of real estate on which everything must be done. Getting from one side of the island to the other seems to be a real ordeal at many times of the day, so I am probably going to want to look at places that are as close as possible to the office tower where I am working. The most practical way to get around is obviously public transit, but you do not really want to rely on it to get you all the way from one side of the city to the other quickly. Some of the buildings here are actually set up so that you could spend weeks without leaving them. They have parts of the building used for residential spaces, parts used for offices and other parts which contain retail space. So you can go to a restaurant, go to work and go home all while not ever going out the front door of the building. Nearly everything is expensive, especially compared to the area of the USA where I had been assigned before this transfer. I could have bought a piece of land and built a really nice house for what a one bedroom condo is going to cost me in the areas where I am looking. Of course I am looking in some of the more expensive places to live.