My best friend and I have been in Singapore for the last two years. I met her years ago in college, and we were surprised to learn that we ended up applying for and getting jobs at the same company after we graduated. This was great news to both of us, and three years later, we received even better news when we were asked to go to our company’s Singaporean location to work for a few years. That was thee years ago, and now we were being asked to stay on longer. We just rented some storage space at a nearby company for this very reason. Because we will be staying longer, we have purchased a lot of things and have run out of space in the small rental unit we have.

We both like to shop, and we have steadily purchased many beautiful things here that we planned to take back to our country with us. It would be great to store them in our own place now, but we really did not want to blow a lot of money on rent, so we are renting the smallest place we can. This allows us to but whatever we want without any troubles, let’s use explore more of the city due to the savings, and it allows us to save more money over the long term.

We are sharing a place that only has one bedroom and one bathroom. The kitchen is very tiny because only one of us can fit in there at one time when we cook anything. In our living room, we are only able to fit one small count, a coffee table and a TV set. So, anything we buy must go into our storage unit. When we move back to our home country, we can get all the things we purchased out of storage, pack them up and mail everything back home easily.