Daily Archives: August 1, 2017

Eating Healthy Without the Kitchen Work

I really don’t like to cook, and when I have to, I don’t know how to make that much. I generally want to eat healthy, but I can only make salads without fail, and even then I load the salad with unhealthy dressing. These were two problems that shared a common solution. I figured it would be best to kill two birds with one stone by buying healthy meals to eat. The Medifast reviews on diet plans showed me that it was possible to eat healthy without dealing with the hassle of cooking simply by letting someone other than a fast food restaurant perform the task.

The Medifast meals were different from the regular diet that I’ve been used to eating. Rather than eating three meals a day, the diet used five snacks and one meal. Although five snacks may not sound as filling as two meals, they are because of what makes up the snacks.

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