Daily Archives: June 13, 2017

We Had a Fire at the Church

The fire started down in one of the basements. Every year in the fall we have a yard sale and there is a bunch of stuff packed in there. When it comes time for the yard sale we will take it all out and put it on display up in the sanctuary and every other place which makes sense. They have not really figured out what caused the fire, beyond the fact that it was electrical. The fire department responded very quickly and in fact you can only tell there was a fire in one room. Smoke remediation is the big problem.

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Sending a Powerful Message Through Video

I work at an organization that provides assistance for people who are victims of domestic violence. Every day, there are tons of women, children, and even men who are affected by domestic violence. We make it possible for these people to get back on their feet and get away from their troubles. The organization put me in charge of creating a media campaign to spread the word about the organization. I contacted Big 3 Media for help in the production of a powerful video that would show people the kinds of things that domestic violence victims go through.

The video shows a husband and wife getting into an argument, with their children listening in another room.

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Problems with Canadian Geese in NJ

I have a problem that I want to get dealt with, but it is kind of a tricky problem due to a number of factors. Still, I am pretty confident that there has to be a good solution to the problem,and I want to make sure that I can figure out what that solution is. I am reading about Canada geese control in NJ because the problem that I am having is with an overabundance of Canadian geese on my property. I am not sure what makes them like my property so much, but it seems like there is an abnormally high population of them around here.

I wish that they would just go away, but I do not think that is going to happen without doing something to get them to go away. I think the easiest way to handle the problem would just be to shoot them all. Shooting them all would provide the added bonus of being able to have a lot of nice geese dinners. Unfortunately, you can’t kill the geese, or at least, you can’t kill them legally anyway.

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