Daily Archives: June 7, 2017

Perfect Future Living for a Family

New Futura in Singapore will be the perfect accommodations for my family. The structure isn’t completely built yet, but they’re already signing up renters and owners for their condominium style living arrangements and my wife and I very excited to for the day when we can finally move in. We’re from Europe, living in Singapore thanks to my job at a multinational bank, and we have no plans to leave Singapore in the future. In fact, I’ve been getting promotions at the bank and believe I will be in a much better position to afford the type of living New Futura offers in a few years.

We started a family and that is why we need a better living space. Our current living quarters are, I’m sad to say, a bit on the spartan side. There’s just no way we can have more children here and have any space to function. By the time our daughter is a bit older, however, New Futura will be completed and we’ll have a lot more space to have a couple of more children.

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