Monthly Archives: October 2015

Striking out on My Own Was Pretty Easy to Accomplish

After working at a very popular spa for about seven years, I was ready to do something different. I was really proud of myself for getting certified in massage therapy before starting there, and I was also so grateful for getting hired by a business so quickly. But at some point, I realized that I could make more money if I worked on my own. So, I began looking up towel warmer reviews and other types of equipment reviews online to see what I could do about getting some of the things I needed for my own business.

I put together a list of the basic things that I would need to get. I know that some massage therapists will start out with little more than a massage table and oil, but I wanted to treat my clients right. I also wanted to keep them interested in coming back again and again. I knew that offering only the basics would interest some people, but people work hard and they want to be pampered during their free time.

I bought reflexology posters and had them framed in beautiful oak frames. I bought a really nice table for the clients to lay on. I bought piles of plush, white towels that could stand up to many washings. I also got an array of oils with different scents. Next, I had always wondered why the place I worked at did not warm the towels for our customers, and some of them even wondered why we didn’t either. So, I made sure to buy a really nice warming cabinet to put towels in. I had my first customer last week, and she let out a happy sigh when I laid the warmed towels on her. She has already made an appointment to come back two weeks from now!